EcoVero and sustainability

So what exactly is the definition of “sustainability”? According to the dictionary “it’s a way that avoids the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

Austrian company Lenzing introduced EcoVero as a sustainable fiber in 2017. The manufacturing and production process uses 50% less emissions, half as much energy and water, and chlorine-free bleach. EcoVero fibers are certified with the EU EcoLabel
which means they meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

What’s vitally important is Lenzing’s wood is purchased from responsibly managed forests. Audited on an annual basis for their “contribution
to forest conservation, transparency, and commitment to sustainability”
, Lenzing is *FSC™ and **PEFC™ certified, proving the wood they use is from a sustainable source.

Typically blended with other types of fabrics, EcoVero is a modified and slightly more expensive version of viscose, but with a lower environmental impact. The viscose made from the strands of EcoVero fiber resembles silk, giving it a luxurious feel and appearance. Anti-bacterial, providing efficient moisture regulation,
lightweight and breathable, with a resistance to wrinkling and pilling, EcoVero is used in knitwear, sportswear, formal attire, undergarments, coats and so much more.

Poppy Field the label contributes to a healthier planet