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Entrepreneurship....sharing your passion 


Be ready to face loneliness, where even your friends and loved ones will not be able to understand the state of mind in which you are. But one thing is certain, you are going to live these roller coasters that are entrepreneurship, but you are going to live them with passion. A passion so strong that it will develop in you an ability to create, innovate, and share the fruit of your work with the greatest number. And believe me, the ability to do something with your own hands, create value and live on it is a fucking gift. Make sure you feed this passion every day. Cherish there. Make sacrifices to preserve it and let this passion fuel your vision for as long as possible.


Everyone has dream....a dream of where they want to be and what they want to do....the freedom to explore and create, to follow their passion, wherever it leads them.
As the world becomes more ethically conscious and aware of the environment we live in, the unconventional, “bohemian” (boho) lifestyle of travelling, exploring and experiencing new cultures has once again become popular. The boho clothing styles of the 1960s..... chic yet simple, relaxed yet elegant, and crafted from natural fabrics, has now emerged as sustainable or ethical fashion.
Here at Poppy Fields, we are two young entrepreneurs who have embraced the boho lifestyle, combining our respect for the environment with our “passion for fashion” while building our business in a country with a people we have fallen in love with.

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Nothing in life is truly easy. Simple statement....cliché....but true. We can’t always live inside our head. As the movie title states, reality bites!
The definition of an entrepreneur, according to Wikipedia; "The owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits. Entrepreneurs act as managers and oversee the launch and growth of an enterprise.” So how do you become an entrepreneur?
In the on-line digital age, starting a new business has actually become more complex. With millions of people competing for space and eyeballs, getting your message and passion across becomes even more challenging. All the gesticulations in the world won’t convey your enthusiasm if they can’t see you. You need to rise above the noise and be heard.....and seen. So how do you do this?

What do you need to be an entrepreneur?


So much has been written about “going out on your own”. Lists, suggestions, recommendations, the perils and pitfalls, the joy and exhilaration, it is repeated again and again in various blogs, websites, posts and even Instagram. Here at Poppy Fields we have attempted to merge much of this information into this blog, focusing on the positive with a dash of concern and consideration as well as some thoughtful insights.
Passion.....motivates you. Passion is your lust, love and desire for your service or product. Passion is what drives you.  Passion is what makes you dive into entrepreneurship in the first place. It is a euphoric feeling.....the need to share your idea/product/service to the world. It is your happy place.


Poppy Field the label - Mens Collection
Self-discipline....keeps you focused on attaining your goal, to bring your dream to fruition. Self-discipline is the difference between what you should be doing rather than what you want to do.  Do we lie on the beach or finish that paperwork? Self-discipline is staying on track, strong helps you overcome the hiccups and bumps along the road to entrepreneurship and keeps you moving ahead.
Flexibility....allows you to change and adapt to new circumstances, environments or market trends. The boho lifestyle is all about flexibility in life and in fashion; to learn, to transform, to revolutionize....and sometimes “go with the flow”.
Strong Work the behaviour and determination to succeed. Forming good work habits gives you an edge over your competitors. Reliability and dependability are two key signs of a good work ethic. You’re the first one in the shop and the last one to leave. A strong work ethic includes a willingness to work together with your partners, clients and service providers with honesty and integrity.
Discipline is setting the alarm for 5am every day. A strong work ethic gets you up at 5am every day.....with no excuse. a trust in yourself, trusting your judgement and your capabilities. It is a firm belief in your own truth. It is the strong sense of one’s capabilities, meeting life’s challenges head-on. Confidence is the assuredness everything will work out.
Open you the freedom to try new things, an ear to listen to others and be receptive to their points of view, to incorporate different ideas. There is no pre-judging. It is a constant learning process, seizing opportunities as they arise, allowing yourself to be introduced to new and varied experiences and the ability to change your mind when presented with an alternative.
Ask For Help....simply put, shows that you recognize and understand you can’t be all things to all people. The one big mistake you can make is NOT asking for help. Talk to the experts. Seeking out a mentor or communicating with those more experienced is a sign of confidence and the care you have for your business. Sometimes attempting to do everything is not always the best use of your time, skills or energy.
Creativity.....and innovation are a matched set. According to Destination-Innovation, “Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual. Innovation is the implementation of something new.” Creativity is also the connection of ostensibly unrelated or random things….jewelry made out of computer parts or purses made out of rubber tires. Innovation is the process of transforming those rubber tires into purses or computer chips into earrings.
Risk like standing on the edge of cliff looking at the water below. Do you dive in with the confidence you will surface? Or do you walk away. Taking a risk is frightening and exhilarating all at once. It’s leaping out of your comfort zone into the unknown.

Finding your niche

A new venture is your child. It is late nights, long days, no sleep, restricting your social life and missing life events. It takes heart, dedication, nurturing and love. Ethical, sustainable fashion is our child.....our niche
Here at Poppy Fields we are surrounded by inspiration. Our adventures have led us around the world from Paris to Bali. We are constantly a work in progress, making new discoveries, learning about new materials and products, developing strong relationships with our clients and those we work with while giving back to local economy. Every day is exciting and new.
We’ve experienced roadblocks and smooth sailing, the highs and lows of bringing our vision to life. We’d love to share our journey with you.

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