avril 12, 2020 1 min read

This kind of beach bar reflects the soul of the «Isla Blanca».

A cool, relaxed, trendy but not posh atmosphere, a nice setting, with beautiful people, good music on a dream beach. Besides, the bar has its own compilation of music. It is recognizable by its mythical roof covered with foliage, a deco year 70 ‘simple and colorful, with murals and symbolized by the small wooden pontoon that leads to the sea.

The typical bar bobo-hippie that is expected of Ibiza.

There are as many young people, clubbers, parents with young children as older hippies with a grain of madness. The other beach bars do not have this
«thing more indescribable» even if the beach of Salines offers a dream setting with crystal clear water and turquoise at all.
Launched in the 80’s by Jon Sa Trinxa, this bar bar has become a classic over time. We eat burgers, salads or fish and we drink a liter of sangria.
It is better to arrive early as the bar is often crowded.

At the end of the day, the atmosphere is at its maximum: the DJ increases the volume in front of the magical sunset. People let loose and dance on the sand.
One of the best moments of the day. An authentic moment, one of the most famous place in Ibiza.

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