May 02, 2021 2 min read

Waste not…..want not……

It’s not always about the waistlines, the hemlines or even the deadlines. At Poppy Field the label it’s about passion, quality and timeliness.
Selecting quality fabrics that agree with our principles of sustainability as well as respect for the animals and the environment is very important to us. Quantities, coloration and production….it all needs to align with the beliefs and styles that define Poppy Field the label.

BoHo and eco

Our clothing is never mass produced. We balance on a very au courant tightrope by ensuring all our designs are ordered as close to seasonal deadlines as possible…..and only what we require. Once the orders for production have been submitted, that’s it!
No more than 35-40 pieces are designed each season, creating a type of exclusivity while retaining the distinctive Poppy identity. We do this for a number of reasons, it’s a limited “run” so we retain Poppy’s uniqueness; we avoid waste by not “over ordering”; we side step the trap of falling into “fast fashion”.
It’s vitally important to Poppy to ensure everything we do has little to no effect on the environment. This includes the entire chain from the animals themselves to fabrics and dyes. By respecting Mother Earth and giving back to the local community, we continue to sustain Poppy, the community and environment.

The process

Jade creates the pieces with the various fabrics, colours and prints in mind, and final designs are selected approximately 12-18 months before you see them. There are two main collections each year; Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.
The stores are shown the collections in advance and select the styles they know their clients will love. The collections are also presented at Premium Berlin; Who’s Next, Paris; Modefabriek, Amsterdam; White Milano, Milan and Scoop, London. Production begins immediately after and four months later they are available to you on-line.
Keep checking in with us. Poppy will be complementing our main collections with “between season” mini collections in the near future. Something a little special to add to your wardrobe!

Symphony and harmony

From the very first design to the final selection of the newest collection, it is much like conducting a symphony. The violins discretely sketch out the patterns; the cellos and horns add the colours; the drums and percussion complete the prints and textures of the fabrics; the single harp adds a gentle grace to the delicate flow of the fabrics; the conductor brings it all together in harmony, ensuring each instrument complements the whole that is Poppy Field the label.

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