March 02, 2020 1 min read

A large cactus, a macrame wall decoration, a vintage an antique wooden banquette, carpets and cushions with mismatched motifs: here is a a bohemian decoration very up-to-date! The bohemian chic style, or hippie chic, is happy, casual and off the beaten track. This atmosphere is a mix of prints, colors and sometimes unexpected objects.



In deco, the bohemian style is very influenced by the years 1960-1970 and the hippie movement. It can be characterized by a certain pile of objects and heterogeneous furniture, reported from travels for example. The colors are strong (red, purple, orange, yellow, turquoise°, the)loaded patterns (embroidery, flowers, stripes, cashmere prints ...) and fabrics have an important place (cushions, plaids, blankets) in patchwork ...



There is no magic formula for arranging a dream interior. The same proposal does not necessarily work everywhere, nor for everyone. But there are always good ideas to revamp a house like the masterpiece of the boho-chic interior , the cactus ...

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